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A Guide to Battery Range and Charging of our FREY Electric Off-Road Bikes

Frey electric off road bike in the snow | EORB | Charging an electric off road bike

Ebikes are becoming more and more popular as people discover the many advantages of owning one. As with any new technology, people have lots of questions about them, so we’ve put together our answers to the most pressing questions we get: how to charge your electric off-road bike and what to expect from the battery.

How far can my electric bike travel on a single charge?

One of the most common questions we get regarding our electric off-road bikes is, "What is the maximum distance I can travel on a single charge?" However, providing a straightforward answer is not a straightforward task! The maximum travel range of our eBikes, as well as any other eBike, varies depending on a number of factors. Advertised eBike ranges are often inaccurate and occasionally overstated.

A lot of factors determine how far an individual can travel on a single battery charge, some are more important than others. The most important factors are:

  • Weight of the rider and any gear

  • How steep the terrain is

  • How much pedal-assist or throttle the rider uses

  • The size of the battery

Additional factors include weather conditions and temperature, speed, weight of the bike, and even tire pressure. These can all influence the range a rider can get from their ebike.

With all these variables it is hard to give an exact answer. What we can provide an answer on is how much power our batteries provide, and use this as a guide as to how far people can travel on our off-road ebikes.

How much power do our electric bike batteries provide?

This is how we calculate our battery power:

Battery capacity is normally expressed in Watt-hours (WH).

To calculate the Watt-Hours for each battery we simply multiply the Volts (V) by the AMP hours (AH).

All our Frey electric off-road bikes use a 48Volt (V) 21 Amp Hour (AH) battery.

So for our bikes: 48V x 21AH = 1008 Watt Hours (WH)

As a general rule of thumb, eBikes will use 15-16WH per kilometer with an “average size” rider on easy terrain.

Given our off-road ebikes are on the heavier side we can allow 17WH per kilometer.

So 1008WH divided by 17 = 59.3 kilometers is roughly the distance the battery will be able to last excluding the factors we’ve mentioned above.

How long does it take to charge my ebike battery?

Fortunately, this one's a bit more straightforward to answer.

Our eBikes use lithium-ion batteries that have an inbuilt Battery Management System (BMS). Ideally, we should run lithium-ion batteries below 15-20% and they shouldn’t be charged more than 80% when being stored. To charge your bike from 15-20% to around 80% will take 2.5-3 hours. If you are going on a big ride and need a full charge another 45 mins to an hour should have you fully charged and ready to go. Please note that this is best done in two separate charges. If you leave the eBike on charge for a longer period, say overnight, then the BMS will kick in and will only trickle feed beyond 80%. Therefore you may have the bike on for a much longer period and only reach 95%.

For more information about the range you can expect for your individual circumstances, you can reach out to us via email or get in touch with Colm on 0414 751 823. We are always keen to chat about our eBikes and how we can help you can get the most out of them!


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