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EDGE of the Outback reviews our FAT1000 Electric Off-Road Bike

When it comes to customizing our bikes nobody does it better than Nathan from EDGE of the Outback.

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Key Points from Edge of the Outback's FAT1000 review

  • The Fat1000 has a fantastic build and ride.

  • The Fat1000 comes with 5-inch fat tyres, providing plenty of grip on bumpy terrain. Fat tyres absorb some of the sharp bumps of a rougher terrain making riding more comfortable.

  • The dual suspension soaks up the bumps on corrugated and ploughed paddocks providing a smoother travel experience. This bike is also a great choice for mountain bike tracks.

  • The Fat1000 is a really quiet bike, making it a great choice for hunting.

  • Saddlebags from EORB work well suitable for carrying hunting gear.

  • A cruising speed does not deplete the battery quickly, Nathan used about 20% of the battery for 5 hours of cruising around hunting.


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