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Improve your hunting trips with an electric off-road bike

Hunting electric bike | EORB | Electric off-road bike for hunting

As electric bikes grow in popularity and improve in technology, they are emerging as an excellent tool for different industries and activities.

So much so that the capabilities of the high-quality fat tyre electric off-road bikes make them the perfect hunting tool.

These ebikes are not some beefed up version of the commuter bikes you see in the city but a powerful rugged beast designed for off-road use making them the ideal weapon to help you improve your hunting experience.

Here’s our breakdown of the 6 reasons an electric bike will level up your hunting:

Electric bikes get you farther, faster

Whether you are as fit as a fiddle and love to power up gullies or perhaps not as mobile as you once were, a fat tyre ebike can improve your hunting experience and give you a better chance to be successful. Go farther than ever before and save your energy for the hunt.

Let me give you an example, I hunt on some private property in the Keiwa Valley and one part of it is a very good spot for a sit and wait on an evening. Its difficult to access quietly from the sides due to an abundance of leaf litter and thickets. The gully itself extends a long way down well into the paddocks. In the past I have had to wait until the thermal switch before high tailing it across the paddocks to try and get into position while I’m losing light. This means I get to my spot often too late and sweating. Now with the ebike I can massively reduce the time it takes me to get in and I arrive there fresh and ready to hunt.

Our electric off-road bikes provide unmatched super stealth

One feature of the FREY electric off-road bikes that make them an excellent choice for hunting is how quiet these bikes are. Compared to other options for rough terrain such as Utes, ATV,s and dirt bikes, ebikes are super quiet, making it easy to get you close to your prey, giving you the maximum chance to get within range. We have also noticed that even when game detects you they don’t seem as easily spooked as normal. We believe this is due to the fact we are presenting a different profile and noise than they have become accustomed to.

An electric bike can help reduce your scent trail to game

We know that all game especially deer are very sensitive to scent and once they have winded you your chances of harvesting one disappear. This is where a fat tyre ebike can offer a huge advantage. Using an ebike stops you from arriving in a sweaty state and means that you haven’t set a boot on the ground which means your scent trail is a fraction of what it normally would be. Perfect if you’re going to be hunting an area for multiple days.

Our Hunter off-road electric bike provides a carry capacity to make hunting and long journeys easier

Our Hunter off-road ebike has a carry capacity of 150kg and is ideal for carrying all the gear you need for your hunt. The bikes can easily be accessorised with your favourite backpack, pannier bags, gun and bow racks and even trailers. Should you be successful on your hunt then your ebike can make the carry out easier than ever before. Our walk assist mode can also be of great value for this task. To engage the walk assist while standing and holding onto the bike, simply press and hold the minus button on the controls and the bike will power itself along at a walking pace.

Off-road electric bikes that are made for any terrain

With its fat tyres and powerful motor our bikes are designed for off road use, made for tackling all terrain be that bush, beach or snow. They have three different modes that equip them for every situation. The first is the pedal assist which offers five different levels of assistance. Level 1 will generate about the same power from the motor as the rider puts in right up to level 5 where the motor will be multiplying the effort and power the rider puts in by a factor of about 4. It's like having the power of 4 other riders!

The second mode available on our bikes is the thumb throttle which offers even more power and can be a great help to get over steep hills. Lastly is the walk assist mode which can be used to help navigate extremely steep hills or other obstacles as well as help carry your game and gear.

Ebikes just add more fun to your trips

In addition to all the points above another factor to consider is just how much fun and enjoyment an electric bike can bring to your hunting adventures. Enjoy zipping across a paddock to check trail cameras or just going out for a scout between hunts with the ease of an off-road ebike.

Fat tyre ebikes can give hunters a massive advantage in the pursuit of game, they can help you cover more ground and open more hunting opportunities than ever before, getting you to your hunting spots quicker and farther than otherwise possible. After the shot they can be a help get you meat back to base quickly, reducing many challenges of hunting to let you enjoy the adventure.


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