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About EORB

Meet Colm

Colm holding a fish | EORB

Born in Ireland, I spent a large part of my childhood fishing for trout and hunting rabbits.
Growing up, I spent my summers casting flies on spate rivers in the West of Ireland for Atlantic salmon.
During the winter I would hunt pheasant and woodcock over my beloved Spaniels. 

In the years before I headed 'down under', an increase in fallow and Red deer populations saw me
spending even more time hunting.

My first taste of fishing and hunting in Australia, had me chasing trout in the wonderful High Country
of Victoria. The seemingly endless amount of valleys and rivers to explore had me hooked and it was
inevitable that the Winters would see me stalking Sambar in those same valleys. 

I still love exploring the High Country in the pursuit of the illusive Sambar, but I am equally as
happy backpacking Tasmania's Western Lakes casting to speckled bars of gold.

It is because of these passions and pursuits that EORB was born.


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