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FAQs about our off-road ebikes 

  • Who makes the bikes?
    Frey. Frey are a high-end bike company, established in Jinhua, China in 2013. They produce quality ebikes, using high end components. Frey bikes use the very best parts, including Samsung batteries, Rockshocks, Shimano and Magura brakes. The Bafang motors and controllers used are also well tried and tested. These motors perform at much higher power than standard Australian bikes and offer high build quality and reliability.
  • Can I ride these bikes on roads or in public areas?
    Nope! We have Government approval to import our bikes for use 'off-road' only. 250 watt pedal assist ebikes are the maximum allowed on roads or public spaces in Australia. We highly recommend you research laws in your own State or Territory for further information.
  • How fast can I go on the bikes?
    Our bikes can reach a speed of 55km per hour. They are factory set at this maximum speed, however, you can change this on the digital display.
  • How far can I get on a single battery charge?
    This is a tricky one...many factors affect the battery life. You can travel up to 60km. Things like speed, weight of the rider, terrain, the amount of pedal assist used and mode can all have an effect on battery life.
  • How many batteries come with the bike?
    One. EORB suggest for multi day trips, you invest in a second battery or an alternative power source.
  • Can you ride without power assist?
    Yes, and it's easy. There is an option on the digital display to reduce assistance to zero, or select ‘Pedal Bike Mode’ which allows the rider to simply pedal as normal. Most importantly, if the battery is completely depleted, it’s still possible to ride to your destination with just pedal power.
  • Can I get accessories for my ebike?
    You sure can! We stock a range of gear like trailers, pannier bags and gun or fishing holders. See our Gear page for our full range. Want something that isn't here? Reach out to us at and we can place a special order.
  • What is the warranty on the bikes?
    The frame is covered for a full 36 months and all bike components and electrics will receive a 18 month warranty. For example; consumable items such as brake pads and tyres are excluded from the warranty. Bikes need to be serviced as per the standard recommended schedule. *See our Terms and Conditions for full details.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Not at this stage. We are dedicated to serving the Australian market initially, so that is where our focus currently lays.
  • Still got a question?
    We are happy to answer all your questions. If you can't find the answer here, drop us a line -
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