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Five things you need to know before investing in an electric off-road bike

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We hear a lot, is an ebike worth it? And it can feel like a daunting investment. Unlike a traditional bike, ebikes can offer a range of features that can help with climbing hills and long distance travel which makes them more versatile.

As there are a variety of ebikes designed for different needs and functions, it is important to consider what you need from an electric bike before making the investment.

Here’s a few essential things to consider before buying an ebike to make sure it’s right for your needs.

Consider what you will use an Electric Bike for

Take the time to consider what you would use an ebike for and all the features you might want and need from your bike to help narrow down your decision process. Make sure you’ve considered what activities you will use your bike for and what features would help you with this. For example, if you plan to use an ebike for hunting you would need a bike with heavier load capacity and some additional gear to help you carry equipment.

It's also good to consider practicalities like what terrain you may ride on, how far you would want to travel on journeys, how much you would carry, how you would charge your ebike or if you need a more powerful battery or motor.

At EORB we distribute Frey electric off-road bikes that are designed specifically for fishing, hunting, camping and traveling on varying, off-road terrains. Our bikes are approved for off-road only which makes them an ideal choice for these activities.

Our Ebikes have motor assist to make traveling easier

An electric bike can sound a bit mystifying if you’ve never used one but to put it simply, they’re powered by electricity AND humans. Our ebikes have two pedal assist modes: eco and sport, and each mode has 5 levels. Unlike normal road bikes, our bikes have a throttle to give you extra power when needed. With a massive 48V 21AH battery and one of the most powerful and reliable motors, it's like having the power of 4 cyclists riding for you.

In addition, our bikes have a walk assist mode that is extremely economical on power and can be used on super steep hills or to carry your gear or game when power becomes low.

You can also turn off the pedal assist and use an ebike as a normal bike. On our Frey off-road ebikes there is an option on the digital display to reduce assistance to zero or select ‘pedal bike mode’ which also allows the rider to pedal as you would on a normal bike. This also means if your battery is completely depleted you can still ride to your destination! It’ll just take a hefty bit of pedal power.

Accessories can add extra functionality to your offroad Ebike

If you plan to use your ebike for hunting, fishing or perhaps camping you might want to consider gear to help carry equipment. Our ebikes are designed for hunting and we stock accompanying gear to make your bike suitable for your needs.

Check out our range of gear like trailers, paneer bags, and extra batteries. See our 'SHOP' page for our full range. Want something that isn't here? We are always trying out new gear to see what we think works best. Reach out to us at and we are happy to discuss what gear might best suit your needs.

How you charge your Ebike matters

If you’re new to ebikes you probably have a couple of questions about how practical it is to charge an ebike.

Ebikes will come with a charger, ours come with an Output 54.6V/5A, AC 100-240V charger which simply means you would plug into a power socket like you would charge a computer.

For those that are doing a lot of touring around or living off grid a decent inverter is all that's required to charge up.

If you’re out and about, another useful way to charge your ebike is at a charging station and there are apps to show where stations are around Australia which can be helpful when planning a travel route.

Know how long you can travel for on your ebike

We often get questions like How long can I ride my bike for? Or How many batteries come with your bikes?

Our bikes can travel up to 60km but the weight of the rider and how steep the terrain is are the two biggest factors that vary this. Other factors are the type of terrain, weather, and how much pedal assist or throttle the individual rider requires.

One battery comes with our bikes however, if you're interested in long, multi-day trips, we recommend investing in a second battery or an alternative power source. This means you won’t be worrying too much about if you can make your trip or how many times you might need to charge your bike. Again reach out to us at and we are happy to discuss how far each individual can get on a single charge and the options available to extend that range.

Obviously we can go on and on about ebikes and everything you need to know when considering if an offroad electric bike is the right choice for you. However, these are those big ticket things that will often get you thinking about how you’re going to use it and narrow down all the options available to you.

From here you can view our range of electric off road bikes or if you’ve still got questions about if our bikes are the right fit for you, have a chat with us.


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